Ad for Child-Abuse Hotline Uses Lenticular Printing to Send Children a Message that Adults Can’t See

The ANAR Foundation, a Spanish child-advocacy organization, faced a challenge when trying to create an ad that could offer help to children suffering from abuse, without alerting potential abusers (i.e. adults) to their message. The solution came in the form of lenticular printing, a technology that allows printed images to create an illusion of depth or, in this case, the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.

The result was a simple but powerful ad that successfully sends entirely different messages to adults and children. Anyone shorter than 4-foot-3 sees a child with bruising on his face, the hotline phone number, and a message that reads, “If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you.” Meanwhile, anyone above that height simply sees the unblemished face of a child and the message, “Sometimes child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” A powerful metaphor made literal in a simple yet hard-to-ignore fashion.

The agency behind the ad, Grey Spain, has also released this video explaining the campaign’s intentions, and how the idea for the high-tech, dual-message poster was born.

Many comments on the video pointed out that the video’s release may have robbed the just-for-kids message of its secrecy (something that occurred to us as well). In response, Grey posted a pitch-perfect statement, explaining that their true objective was to raise awareness of child abuse, and to get the hotline phone number circulating in public:

“Many thanks for your comments, we really appreciate them. Anar Foundation counts only on few resources to raise awareness of their phone number to denounce children abuse. However, thanks to media coverage and all the comments on social networks, the campaign has achieved its main objective: Raise awareness of the Foundation and their phone number 116 111 for children and teenagers at risk. We encourage you to continue to disseminate Fundacion Anar task through your likes, shares and comments.”