Action AllStars Reaches 100k Registrations

Recently, Six Degrees Games created a new sports virtual world called Action AllStars with official partnerships with both the NBA and the MLB. According to the developers, the game has already reached 100,000 registrations after launching in beta in the middle of December  – an impressive feat by any standard.

Minard Hamiltion, CEO and co-founder of Six Degrees Games, Inc. says, “The initial success of provides our team with a great sense of achievement, especially at a time when we are still aggressively developing several key features of our world.” He goes on to say, “The extraordinary response at this early juncture shows the appeal of not only our creative concept for this new form of sports-themed entertainment, but also the strength and consumer demand that our league partners at both the NBA and MLB add to the experience.”

We’ll be keeping our eye on social sports-oriented virtual worlds in the coming weeks.

[via Virtual Worlds News]