Acer Releases a 14″ Dual Screen Laptop

Acer announced today that it will soon be shipping the Iconia, its long anticipated dual screen “Touchbook”.

While this looks something like the Kno, it’s only a vague resemblance. The Iconia is built on a fairly normal laptop frame, only it has a second screen instead of a keyboard and track pad.

It will be coming with a fair amount of customized software, and the centerpiece seems to be something called the “Acer Ring Control Interface.”  This apparently involves you putting your hand on the screen in a claw-like position and then twisting it left and right to select and open apps.

It’s running Windows 7 on a Core i5 CPU with 4GB RAM, Wifi, a 1.3MP camera, and it weighs in at an astounding 6+ pounds.  The Acer Iconia will be shipping to the US next month with a retail of $1,199.

via Acer