Acer & Asus Slows Down the Influx of New Netbook Models: A Good Thing IMHO

You may not believe this statement coming from a netbook fanboy like me. But, I was actually happy and relieved to read the first half of this DigiTimes headline…

No new netbooks from Asustek, Acer in 2H09; Acer pushes back Android netbook

Why am I happy to read that first half? I think there are way too many models from both Asus and Acer and that it may cause confusion for non-techies trying to choose the right netbook. The netbook choices available now are excellent with good affordable prices associated with them. It is a good thing to just let things settle down by having the two largest netbook manufacturers let the dust settle.

I am, on the other hand, disappointed to learn that Acer is delaying the introducting of their first Android based netbook. That was something I was really looking forward to seeing. The first netbook I bought was an Acer Aspire One powered by Linpus Linux Lite. It now runs Ubuntu Netbook Remix (very well I might add). And, I was looking forward to trying Android (a Linux derivative itself) on a netbook tuned for it.