Accuracy In Media Chairman on Rep. Sanchez’s ‘Big’ Asset

Last week, under the heading of irony, we wrote about one half of a pair of sisters in Congress telling MSNBC how she’d faced sexual harassment and “unwanted touching” in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the other got some touching of her own later that night as the only female in the Congressional baseball game. Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Penn.) gave Rep. Linda Sanchez a congratulatory pat on the rear—not an uncommon occurrence in sports, but still one that raised the eyebrows of a couple of Roll Call reporters in attendance.

Today, we bring you this response to our story from Don Irvine, chairman of Accuracy in Media, a conservative, media watchdog. Ivan says on his Twitter profile he’s doing his best to combat “liberal media bias” and “politically incorrect lunacy.”

Irvine told FishbowlDC it’s all in fun. See his quote.

“It’s just me being snarky to see if anyone notices,” he wrote FishbowlDC when we asked him about it. “No harm intended. She deserves credit for helping whup the GOP,” he said. And whup them the Democrats did, 22 – 0.

We reached out to Communications Director Adam Brand in Sanchez’ office to see if they had any comment on Irvine remarking on the congresswoman’s allegedly “big target.”