According to Klouchebag, We’re ‘Mostly Alright’

Klouchebag, a site that “is the standard for measuring asshattery online,” launched today, and we’re seeing a lot of scores in the “bit of a douchebag” range zip across Twitter. PRNewser scored a mere 26, so we’re “mostly alright” though the site suggests that we cut down on the retweets. But retweets make us happy!!

Tom Scott (also found here)  launched the site because “I got annoyed with the fuss around Klout, the horrible social-game that assigns you a score based on how ‘influential’ you are online.”  He told MashableWired story about the influence that Klout has was a galvanizing force.

Others seem to be annoyed by Klout also. The New Yorker asks, “Klout is evil, but can it be saved?” PC Magazine calls Klouchebag a “stinging rebuke.” And eConsultancy says “brands should focus on real clout” rather than putting much stock in Klout scores.

In related news, Technorati says there’s a “disturbing” and “growing” trend of people saying they’ve lost out on jobs because of a low Klout score. Asshattery.