Acclaim Partners with Peanut Labs to Monetize its MMORPGs

After going through a time of significant transition a few years ago, game developer Acclaim was brought back to life by Howard Marks in 2006. Now, the company is the developer of popular MMORPGs like Chronicles of Spellborn and RockFREE. This week, the company announced an exclusive partnership with Peanut Labs Media to monetize its games through virtual currency.

Now, players can earn currency through participation in 5-10 minute market research surveys, which they can then use to purchase both in-game goods (such as power-ups) and premium features.

While surveys may sometimes seem daunting on their own, they’re actually becoming an increasingly popular way for younger demographics to earn virtual currency.

“Free surveys are perfect for our teenage players that might not have credit cards, and the user experience is better for players of all ages hands down,” Acclaim CEO Howard Marks said.

A large number of teenagers do purchase virtual goods worldwide, and those that do not own credit cards have been the target of recent efforts like the Rixty and Coinstar partnership and game cards in general. Moreover, the model is not too economically sensitive, as purchases are normally cheap and players are not required to purchase expensive subscriptions.

“Acclaim’s emphasis on putting their players first is a big part of how this partnership will lead the industry in sustainable monetization. We grew up with the Acclaim brand, so it’s exciting to be joining them on the cutting edge of online games,” said Murtaza Hussain, President of Peanut Labs.