Access MySpace on Your Mobile Phone

myspacemobile.jpgFinally you can now access MySpace on your mobile phone, as the top social networking site has officially opened its mobile portal to the public. With MySpace mobile phone, you can now experience doing what you usually do when you are accessing your MySpace account on an ordinary browser. All you need is a web-enabled mobile phone and you are set to go.mobilemyspace.jpgMySpace Mobile lets you:

  • view/send messages,
  • read and send bulletins,
  • add friend comments,
  • read and post blogs,
  • approve friend requests,
  • view friend profiles,
  • view photos
  • and many more fun stuff.

Also if you are subscribed to Alltel, AT&T, Helio, Sprint, Verizon, Cellular, and Virgin Mobile, One/Dobson, US Cellular and Virgin Mobile you can receive new messages, comments or friend requests on you profile directly on your mobile phone.

Accessing MySpace Mobile is free service standard rates depending on your mobile network provider apply when you are accessing the Internet using your mobile phones.

Unfortunately you can’t view videos on MySpace mobile yet, although there are ongoing plans to include video service in the future.

To access MySpace mobile on your mobile phone, open your mobile web browser and key in mobile works with any phone for as long as it can connect to web. The portal loads fast and looks good when I tried accessing it using my SE P990i. Too bad, I’m not located somewhere in the U.S.. It would have better if I could receive new message, comments and friend requests alert directly on my mobile phone.