ABC: “I reckon if we’re gonna be playin’ football together, we oughta start sharing our feelings together…”

In what is surely yet another symptom of the Chicken Soup-ing of the American soul, the L.A. Times takes note of the fact that ABC is swapping the testosterone-fueled night that was Monday Night Football with shows about romance. ra4.jpg

“Wife Swap” is followed by “Emily’s Reasons Why Not,” with Heather Graham as a self-help publisher unlucky in love; John Stamos in “Jake in Progress”; and a Parisian edition of “The Bachelor.”

It’s a gamble, but clearly one that might work with the estrogen-rich demo that’s not being served elsewhere.

But here’s where – as usual – Hollywood’s TV folks go too far. A quote from the writer of “Emily’s Reasons Why Not” says it all:

“Emily Kapnek, writer and executive producer of “Emily’s Reasons Why Not,” said she hopes the lineup will also appeal to some of the 10-million-plus men who tuned in to watch “Monday Night Football” this season. ‘We’re trying to make the stories relatable to anybody who’s been in a relationship,” she said. “There’s something there for anyone – who’s not interested in love?'”


Emily, Emily, Emily. Since you asked? The ten million men who watch Monday Night Football do not do so to get more in touch with their wives’ feelings. They do it to eat their own weight in ten cent buffalo wings until their hearts detonate and explode out of their chests while simultaneously watching bone-crushing, televised violence. These men will not be watching “Emily’s Reasons Why Not;” they will be changing the channel faster than a cheetah to ESPN.

But nice try.