ABC Anchor Just Says “No”

A plethora of local TV talent turned out for the ABC 7 Family Health & Caregiver Expo this weekend, to sit on stools, sign some autographs and, of course, talk about the importance of being healthy. In addition to headliners Maureen Bunyan and Alison Starling, anchor Beverly Kirk, reporter Adam Caskey and meteorologist Brian van de Graaff all made it by to show off their toothy grins (no cavities in sight) and meet and greet thousands of local attendees.

kirkhealthy.jpgKirk, who joined ABC NewsChannel 8 in January after a long reporting stint at NBC News Channel, was especially buoyant during her two-hour appearance on Saturday afternoon. While the newscaster normally likes to focus on biotechnology issues, she said it was great to be at the health fair, seeing “all kinds of happy people coming in out of the heat” (although one older gentleman was disheartened to see Kirk at the booth instead of Starling — “Where is Alison?” he repeatedly asked Kirk, who just smiled and said that the cheery morning anchor had already left). She added that she was a little jealous that Kyle Osborne is able to bike and run between newscasts, but due to an old knee injury, she has to take it a bit easier. Still, she enjoys doing gyrotonics, pilates, and playing an occasional game of tennis.

“We always try to look good,” she said of her fellow newscasters,”so we try to be healthy.”

drunkenbrain.jpgDespite a bit of good-natured prodding, Kirk would not step inside the “drunken brain” tent, sponsored by the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, suggesting that she’s normally “a bit of a teetotaller.” And there was no word on whether Kathleen Matthew’s impending exit from the ABC 7 newsroom will lead to a healthier journalism environment overall.