AAA Members Now Have An Android App

I’ve been a member of AAA since 1990 and unfortunately have had to use their road service a few times. The service that I receive from AAA is always excellent, but the company continues to work on improvements and has done so by releasing the AAA Roadside app. Previously the free app was only available for the iPhone, but it is also now available for Android.

As you can see from the screen shot, the app features a prominent Request Road Service button that you press to obtain assistance. The app provides two ways to contact AAA, either by communicating with AAA’s service request system or by dialing the phone to talk with AAA. In both cases the app uses the GPS in the smartphone to transmit your exact location, which is a big help if you need help in unfamiliar surroundings.

After you first install the app you need to configure it with your AAA membership information along with information about your car, both of which will be transmitted to AAA when you request service. I think the AAA Roadside app provides a good example for Android developers on how to make it easier for users to enter data.

Notice in the screen shot to the right how you enter your membership number. You see an image similar to your membership card and a numeric keypad. As you enter data for each part of the membership number, the app automatically moves between fields. Many Android apps don’t provide a numeric keypad for entering numeric information.

You will find the free AAA Roadside app in the Android Market.