A World Of Tweets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter users are scattered throughout the world, but this fact doesn’t really hit home unless you visualize it.

Take a look at this real-time, interactive infographic that tracks Twitter users across the globe.

A World Of Tweets comes to us from two creative folks at Frog Design in Milan.

Click on over to the site and you’ll see a slow build-up of tweets across the world in heat map form. As each tweet enters the map, it is represented by a falling dot that lands in the region the tweet came from.

If you stick around for a few minutes, you’ll no doubt begin to see trends forming: the East Coast of the US is extremely active, dwarfing the West Coast (at least while I was watching the tweets fall). The United Kingdom is also active, and so is Brazil and Japan.

Scroll down a bit, and you’ll see some pretty interesting stats about where tweets come from. For instance, you’ll see the percentage breakdown of which countries sent the most tweets while you’ve been on the page, during the past 24 hours, and since the site began mapping tweets in November 2010.

The site also includes a chart of the most-tweeting countries (the US leading with 27 percent, followed by Brazil with 24 percent and Indonesia with 12 percent), as well as a list of the top tweeting continents.

How active is your country on Twitter? Take a look at this World of Tweets and let us know in the comments below.

(Top image: baur via Shutterstock)