A Visit to the Starbucks Digital Network on an iPhone 4 – FYI: Free iTunes Tunes Too!

I felt a need for a flavored latte of some kind yesterday at mid-afternoon. So, walked across the street to Starbucks and choose a holiday themed egg nog latte. While there I decided to check out the recently launched SDN (Starbucks Digital Network) on my iPhone 4 and Droid.

After connecting to Starbucks’ free WiFi network, I elected to view the SDN site only visible while in a company-owned Starbucks. While the premium content was available as promised, it is really best viewed on an iPad or notebook/netbook computer rather than on a smaller smartphone display. Still, it is great to be able to access content normally behind the paywall of sites like The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

m.starbucks.yahoo.com is the SDN’s URL. If you try to access it outside of a Starbucks store, you’ll get a polite message about how to gain access to it from at a store.

Finally, I noted three free Elvis Costello (one of my favorite music artists) songs was available from iTunes via the SDN. These three songs are not part of this week’s free iTunes tunes from iTunes itself. Selecting to redeem the three songs resulted in a quick download over WiFi before I headed back to the office with my eggnog latte.