A Tribute to Calvin & Hobbes

I’ve made no bones about being a fan of Bill Watterson’s classic comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, but it looks like I’m not the biggest fan. no, the guys who made this video are much more obsessed than me.

If you are a fan then you should recognize one of the running gags from the strip. Calvin was a boy, so of course he made snowmen. But since this is Calvin we’re talking about here, they weren’t ordinary snowmen. As you can see from the video, Calvin made some truly bizarre snowmen.

The video above is not CGI; it was shot using models. The team used clay, paper-mache, and wire framed models to recreate scenes from the comic. You can click the link at the end of the post to find out more.

As a fan, I can understand why so much effort was put into this video. I too miss the comic and wish that Bill would revive it.
via DownInFront