A Radio for Your Dock, For Reasons That Escape Us


We don’t normally post about iPod speaker docks but we couldn’t pass this up. In what has to be one of the most overpriced and silliest ideas we’ve seen in a while, the $50 FM DockRadio is—you guessed it—an FM radio tuner for the Bose SoundDock.

Engadget already did a good job of analyzing it, but let’s go over how dumb this really is. Granted, iPods don’t come with FM tuners, so on paper at least, the idea has some merit. But first, it’s not even a portable FM radio. Even if it was, it would be hideously expensive since you can get any number of those things at Radio Shack for 10 bucks.

But the FM DockRadio has no headphone jack or batteries. All it does is turn your $300 Bose SoundDock into a $350 FM radio, so it doesn’t even qualify as a mobile music gadget despite its appearance. Also, it doesn’t have an AM tuner; it’s strictly FM. Also, it’s ugly.

We’d agree with Engadget and think it was a joke, but the company really does seem to be accepting PayPal orders.