A Quick and Easy Way to Show Your Followers You Love Them

It’s hard to interact with every single follower on Twitter, especially if yours number in the thousands, or more. So how are you supposed to show them you appreciate their connection to you? Twilk thinks it has the answer: splash your followers’ profile pics on your own profile’s background.

Twilk lets you show your followers just how much you care about them, by displaying their profile pics on your Twitter background. It’s actually an interesting concept, as a lot of people don’t care for their backgrounds – they use the default background, or they’ve created one using Themeleon.

For personal accounts, replacing the ubiquitous default background with your followers is a potentially powerful way to show them how much you care. However, if you’re running a business account, this might interrupt some of the branding you’ve got going on.

Twilk works by organizing your followers based on the number of times you mention their username in your tweets. So it not only shows them that you are thinking of them, it also puts those who you interact most with in a place of prominence on your profile.

You can refine who shows up on your profile by accessing Twilk’s settings. You can choose to go with the default “followers”, or you can instead choose to only show those users you follow who are following you back.

If your background is just sitting there, an unused piece of valuable real estate, why not spice it up with some pics of your followers? While this won’t appeal to everyone, it is sort of a new way of “customer appreciation” recognition, using your background to show off the people who make Twitter what it is for you.