A Place to Tell Your Money Story

YourMoneyStory.jpgAcademy Award-winning filmmaker Tom Lennon is producing a series of one-dozen short films about Generation Y and the financial pressures it is facing, Your Money Story, which will appear on the Website of a major nonpartisan, nonprofit foundation upon completion.

In addition to attempting to cast the project via Facebook, Twitter, blog postings and email blasts, stories are being accepted via the Your Money Story Website, which states:

Your Money Story is a project exploring the financial pressures on young people in America. Created by an award-winning production company, the project—a series of short films—will feature a dozen stories.

If you are 18-35 and have a compelling story to share, we’d like to hear it!

Wrestling with a big financial or planning dilemma? We want to know!

Please explore our site for some of the topics we’re interested in. We’re looking for interview subjects who will spare us no details—we want the good, the bad, the humorous!