A Notebook Full of Tweets

TweetNotebook.jpgSo much for the paperless office: Physical publishing of tweets is starting to become a crowded industry, as Belgian interactive agency Boondoggle is offering a service called TweetNotebook, which lets Twitter users create notebooks with random selections from their 320 latest tweets appearing on the bottom part of the pages, TechCrunch reported.

TweetNotebook offers an alternative to a similar service, Tweetbookz, which boasts four cover and design styles in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew for $30 in a hardcover format and $20 in a soft-cover format, with its books containing up to 200 tweets.

The slightly cheaper TweetNotebook ($12, not including shipping) lets users select custom messages for their notebook covers and preview their 320-page notebooks, which are available in white and turquoise, black and turquoise or plain white.