A New Way To Match Pitches To Journalists

Today PR Matchpoint, a web service that helps PR people match their press release, pitch, or list of keywords with only journalists and bloggers likely to care came out of beta today.

The service is a joint effort between Jon Victor’s eNR Services and Peter Himler, The Flack blogger, and head of Flatiron Communications.

eNR is the PR solutions company that until Matchpoint, offered five products to help you deal with things like media monitoring, editorial calendars, and hyperlocal publicity.

It’s essentially a service that for $65 a month, aspires to save PR people a ton of time combining the two arduous tasks of pulling a list and analyzing the corresponding bylines of the names on that list. That latter task is what gets a lot of PR people in trouble, and we know from experience a lot people in the business don’t bother to do it at all.

Himler mentions avoiding such trouble right at the top of his Matchpoint launch release–“Avoid Chris Anderson’s Blacklist”. We covered that particular backlash , or flacklash, quite a bit.

After pasting your pitch in the “Point” section, the engine spits out results in the “Matchpoint” window (with one tab for media, one tab for blogs)–and it’s designed to be smart. Each journalist is weighted by relevance, and the list can be adjusted depending on which parameters you deem most important. The number of names in the database is likely smaller than Cision’s or Vocus’s, but with less chaff since they are active writers.

We’ll take this one out for a spin like a kid with muscle car and let you know what we think. It pulls from six months of bylines (over 3 million) from 11,000 print, 25,000 online news, and 10,000 blog posts so should have plenty of horsepower for most projects and the price is certainly right.