A Mobile Tech Look at Fortune’s 2010 100 Best Companies to Work For List

Fortune Magazine’s 2010…

100 Best Companies to Work For (list)

100 Best Companies to Work For (article)

…list is out. I thought it would be interesting to pull out the mobile tech related companies from that list. So, here we go…

4. Google
9. Qualcomm
51. Microsoft
98. Intel

As you can see, only Qualcomm can be considered a pure mobile tech company. So, I “let in” other giant firms. I should note that Fortune’s list is not limited to extremely large firms. The smallest firm on the list is Indiana Regional Medical Center with 1,200 employees (#60). The largest firm (in terms of number of employees) in the list is FedEx with 218,770 employees (#91).

Two other firms with some mobile tech relations are…

16. Cisco
93. Starbucks