A Look At The Google Music Store On Android

Last week the Google Music store opened, and as I wrote then, the Android Market app needed an update in order to provide the Music section of the store on smartphones. The update is now on my Nexus S and here is a quick look at the music store on an Android phone.

As you can see in the screen shot to the left, Music is now an option in the Android Market along with Apps, Books, and Movies. If you scroll through the home screen you will see featured content from each part of the Market. The Music portion of the store appears as you see in the screen shot on the right.

If your Android phone is from T-Mobile you will see the T-Mobile Free Tracks item on the Music home screen. The recommendations that Google provides depends on the music that you have previously bought, so if you haven’t bought much music I doubt the recommendations will be very useful. I expect the recommendations will get better over time.

If you swipe left to right from the home screen you will see the genre listing, after you select a genre you see the top albums in that genre. Swiping from right to left from the top albums list displays top songs, then new releases. Swipe left to right to see a list of sub genres. The top albums and top songs display as you swipe right to left within any part of the Music section of the Android Market.

When you tap on an album, you see the listing of the tracks on that album as you see in the screen shot to the left. You can buy the entire album by tapping the button at the top of the screen, or you can by individual tracks. You can play a sample of individual tracks or the entire album. After you buy an album or song, it is added to your account on Google’s servers and you see a notification on the phone that it has been added. You can listen to it by streaming it to your phone.

I have found that many of the prices in the Google Music store are higher than Amazon’s MP3 store. For example, the expanded album A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is featured on the Music store page on the Android Market costs $7.99 from Google, while that same album is $5.99 at the Amazon MP3 store.