A Few iPad App Prices Revealed in iPad App Store Video

Crunchgear found a video that shows what the App Store looks like on the iPad:

Why not a third iPad App Store post?

You’ll notice a number of familiar app names (either from the iPhone or Mac OS X) that provides an idea of what kind of iPad app prices to expect. As expected Omni Group’s prices for ports of their well regarded Mac OS X desktop apps are higher than other apps. Apple Subsidiary, FileMaker, on the other hand, priced their iPad app to be the same as the iPhone version ($4.99). Other apps seem to hover around or slightly below the $9.99 price I’ve been predicting:

– $4.99 Bento
– $9.99 Brushes
– $7.99 Fieldrunners
– $49.99 OmniGraffle
– $14.99 OmniGraphSketcher

And, yes, there still are free apps too. Here’s a few familiar ones ported to the iPad that I saw listed in the video:

– Reuters News Pro for iPad
– Twitterrific for iPad
– Yahoo! Entertainment

I’m looking forward to trying out a lot of free iPad apps and buying a couple of iPad apps including Apple’s iWorks collection.