A Clarion Call to the Faithful: Saving Old Houses of Worship Whether or Not You Believe

Saving our country’s old houses of worship is a hot topic of conversation these days whether or not you believe. These architectural wonders, particularly in rural areas, are disappearing faster than a group of nuns after a novena. Out in the country, there isn’t a congregation available to fix up the premises or even to raise money for restoration. But there are some answered prayers. Here’s a great story in latest issue of Preservation Magazine. Baltimore’s Basica by Benjamin Latrobe has been restored. In Chicago, St. Mary of Perpetual Help has fixed up its dome to celebrate the church’s 125th anniversary. Saint Mary of the Angels church continues to raise funds to return the grand edifice to its original appearance. Now there needs to be a miracle for Louis Sullivan’s Pilgrim Baptist Church, which was nearly destroyed by a fire. Anyone want to petition a saint or cherubim upstairs?