A 20 Dollar eReader

I was loading my mother’s new MP3 player this weekend when I discovered that it also functions as an eReader.

The Trix V2 MP3 player cost her $20 at BigLots (a discount chain). It has a 2″ LCD screen, 4GB Flash storage, a 1.3MP camera, and it can even shoot up to 16 hours of video at 220×176. It can play MP3, MP4, and a number of other video and audio formats.

There’s no card slot, but there is a standard mini USB which is used for both recharging the battery and transferring files from your computer.

In the photo at right, the V2 is sitting on my iTouch, which should give you an idea of the relative size. The Trix is also thinner than the iTouch.

Like most cheap MP3 players, the V2 reads TXT files. For such a cheap MP3 player it does a decent job. It supports 3 font sizes and bookmarks. You can turn the pages manually or set an auto page turn.

To be honest, this is not nor will it ever be a real eReader. But when it comes to cheap toys, It’s always fun to find extra features.