8coupons: Find Deals in Your Area Your Way – Maps, Lists, Augmented Reality

8coupons is a free iPhone app that provides a variety of ways to look for coupon deals and specials in an area. The “Nearby” option (bottom left of screen) identifies locations of businesses and deals associated with them. Tapping the numbered balloons brings up detailed information about each offering. If you prefer a simple list, tapping the List button in the Nearby view switches from the Map view to a List view.

There’s also an Augmented Reality (AR) type view of deals. Tap the “iDeals” button (lower right of screen) and bring the iPhone up into a camera viewing mode to get an idea of the direction various deals can be found.

If you find deals not listed, the “Add Deals” button lets you contribute to the information collection. It gives you an option of adding a photo before asking you to complete a form to describe the deal being reported.

Some deals required printing and filling out a paper form. 8coupons did not appear to have any way to either print the form directly or to forward the form via email for printing from a desktop or notebook computer. Putting this one issue aside, the app is fast, easy to use and simple to understand. Its ability to provide information in a number of visual modes is gives the user a way to decide which mode is easiest for him or her to use.

You can find this free app in the iTunes App Store at: