8 Things To Consider While Building a Quality Network

Do you believe in the power of social networking?

Social media is not just a fad but a vessel to reach a wider audience. A site without readers is powerless, which is why bloggers and internet marketers are advised to build quality network to ensure quality traffic. Quality connections assure your well-written posts be heard and spread – a vital rule for a site to grow and be known.

8 Things To Consider While Building a Quality Network

1. Determined and Clear About Your Goals

– One has to be clear about the purpose of the network. There’s a huge crowd in every social media site: some joining it for fun, some as an outlet while some are looking for business ventures. Be clear of your objectives before reaching out so you’ll have a clear idea on the ample time and effort spent in network building.

2. Research on The Power Users

– Do you know how power users utilize social networks in their area of expertise? How they started? What social media they’re using to reach the desired crowd? You don’t have to be a copycat but by learning how they did it, you’ll have a lead where to start and modify your strategy from there. Same trick may not give you the same result, so always be prepared for trials and initiate a better one to fit your needs.

3. Identify Your Potential Audiences

– A simple question: Now why do we see promoters loitering around the mall capturing potential customers? Apart from traffic, it’s the place where consumers most likely to spend on something. You don’t see shopaholic hanging out in the clinic, do you? Identify your potential audiences within a social network, whether it’s a forum or a particular chatroom. Gain access and start contributing in frequency and quality.

4. Be Distinctive & Noticeable

– The idea of being you, and no one else! Representing your own, unique brand and your site, be outspoken but with respect; share an experience or an insightful comment on a post you just came across. Initiate a conversation or ask a question if you’re not sure about the answer. Don’t be quiet in a network unless you wish to be buried and never be found.

5. Patience & Forget About Number’s Game

Taking part in all of the social media sites might not give you the results you hope for. Here’s why:

A) 10 social media sites (1 hour/day) = 6 minutes per site

  • A quick drop of ‘visit my blog’, ‘I’m updating my post’ or ‘Just got back from work’ won’t excite people. Not to mention sometimes you tend to spend longer at a site and lost track of time. What if it affects your work quality, or causes procrastinations?

B) 3 social media sites (1 hour/day) = 20 minutes per site

  • Have in depth conversations with your peers. Do you know a person better by following their updates and respond accordingly? Definitely.

No network can be built without even willing to spend time and listen to someone. Unless you’re super connective and humorous to grab people’s attention. In that case, it’s a gift, use it wisely.

Spend ample time and care about others, only then people will care about what you’re sharing. Be patient as quality network takes time. Forget about ‘number’s game’ and focusing on quality network building.

6. Be Helpful & Sincere

We all love kind and sincere individuals. When I was just a new blogger, I remembered clearly who helped me and encouraged me along the way. Their names are vivid in my mind even till today. To help someone is a great experience. While you get to make some new friends, you can learn something in return. Do not expect repayments but be sincere. I never see prestigious bloggers urging people to thank them or hold a grudge at someone for unwilling to promote their products. Humility is a wonderful virtue and shall be prolonged in any social networks.

7. Quality Posts & Return Favors

If you’re a blogger, writing killer blog posts is the best way to grab attention. Learn to be the authority within your niche. Providing quality presentations while active in replying comments. Continue the blog networking elsewhere by repaying visits or supporting your commentators on other social networks. A healthy network is all about mutual support and encouragement, but not until someone uses it to manipulate the intention of this good will. For example, don’t reward link droppers or spammers with your favors.

8. Enjoy the Process

Most of all, enjoy the process and have fun with it. In my experience, quality network building is what ensures the satisfaction and friendships I have today, which I valued more than just a popular post. The supports are on-going and mutual trusts are built from within. There’s no popular contest on the run here so take your time! Unless you’re looking for fast traffic, then I’m afraid it’s the quantity game you’re aftering.

It’s Your Turn
What do you value most in a social network? Do you have anything else to add besides what mentioned above? Kindly share it in the comments.

Guest post:

Ching Ya is a social media addict & freelance writer/designer. She’s the author of Social @ Blogging Tracker where she talks about ideas & apps related to social networking. You can reach her at @wchingya (Twitter), Facebook and LinkedIn.