8 Legit Sites Where Writers Can Earn Money and Get Exposure

Getting yourself published used to be a hurdle that hoards of writers would attempt to jump. The advent of the Internet made it possible for everyone, irrespective of skill or experience, to be seen and heard. But just because you write stellar content, doesn’t mean you are going to be read. There are many sites that are willing to pay you for your work. If money is your motivating factor, look elsewhere. The sites below will not make you rich, but they could help you pay that cell phone bill. If you are looking to strengthen your writing skills and build yourself up as an authority on a specific subject, the following links could be helpful.

HELIUM: You’ve probably seen their ads plastered all over the Web. Earn between 50 cents and $2.50 for an article depending on your past success and site status. In order to earn upfront revenue, you’ll need to write in categories that are not “filled,” which means if you write about a mainstream topic, you might have limited options.
Google AdSense revenue split pays the rest.

HUBPAGES: More than just articles, a set of easy-to-use tools allow writers (and novice techies) to embed additional media such as video, audio and polls into text to create “Hubs.” Google Ads, Amazon Associates and other affiliate possibilities allow you to earn income as you write about topics you choose. Your mileage will vary, but this writer claims income of over $8k last year thanks to HubPages.

EXAMINER: With coverage in 240 major cities across North America, Examiner is a good way to get noticed locally. Behind-the-scenes IP interrogation routes people to the Examiner site closest to their hometown, so if you’re looking to be a hometown star, look no further. The real benefit is a strong Google and Yahoo search presence along with a lot results turning up on news feeds. The selection process is a bit more restricted. You’ll need to prove your expertise by providing writing samples, a summary of your experience history and text explaining why you’d make a good “Examiner” for the topic you want to write about.

ASSOCIATED CONTENT: Editorial review keeps the content on the strong side. Peruse the assignment desk and get typing. An editorial team will review your work and offer an upfront publish fee. Earn assignment bonuses based on traffic. If your article gets rejected, you can always publish it elsewhere. I tried out AC back in 2007 and earned around $35 from eight articles.

SUITE101: Write what you want and receive lifelong royalties. That’s Suite101’s pitch. Writers commit to weekly posts; contributors guarantee 10 posts per quarter, Revenue is earned via ad-click revenue share. The site gets exclusive rights to the content for a year. After that, you can “reclaim” your work for an eBook or other use. The writer acceptance rate is believed to be at around 20%.

ABOUT.COM: From anime to sugar-free cooking, this New York Times-owned Website get a ton of traffic. all of those eyeballs means you can earn a decent wage for your expertise and hard work. Guides receive $675 a month plus additional income based on page views.

Honorable mention:

SQUIDOO: The site allows you to contribute a portion of your earnings to charity.

EHOW: The Writer Compensation Program lets you earn based on the traffic the article receives and the quality of the content.