7 Ways To Optimize Video For Facebook

Here are seven ways to optimize video to encourage more people to share the clips via Facebook, as suggested by one of the speakers at the Social Media Optimization Conference.

Tapping into human relationships is the ticket to making video content more shareable on Facebook and other social media.

With that in mind, here are seven suggestions on how to optimize video for Facebook posts — according to Grant Crowell, videologist at ReelSEO.com, who spoke at the Social Media Optimization Conference today.

  1. Limit the video footage to five minutes or less.
  2. Make a captivating thumbnail image for your video.
  3. Create a catchy or unique title.
  4. Link to other videos that have relevant keywords.
  5. Upload your content to video sharing sites.
  6. Allow people to embed your video code.
  7. Encourage people to rate and review your video.

Readers, which videos have embraced the aforementioned suggestions the best, in your opinion?