7 Under-the-Radar Accounts Sports Fans Should Really Be Following on Twitter

These people know how to entertain

For many sports fans, Twitter is still the social media platform of choice.

It's often where sports reporters break news. Sometimes they get it wrong in a big, conspicuous way and someone like Wilmer Flores ends up crying on the field, but they usually get it right. It's also where current and former pro athletes get themselves into trouble—Curt Schilling, who was suspended from his job as an ESPN on-air analyst after sending a tweet comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis, is a notable recent example—and nobody wants to miss that.

True fans are pretty savvy about whom they should follow on Twitter to stay informed. Nearly everyone's must-follow list includes more or less the same national sports writers and commentators, sport-specific or team-specific journalists and bloggers, and a handful of high-profile athletes and sports celebrities.

But keeping up with the latest sports news is just one part of being a sports fan—being entertained is at least as important. And you're missing out if you're only following the big-time reporters and superstar athletes and not supplementing that with entertaining folks like these, who just seem to get Twitter:

1. Christina Kim

Professional golfer on the LPGA Tour


Kim manages to be at once self-deprecating and fearlessly self-assured on Twitter. She can be crude, but that only helps her swat away critics and would-be trolls, whom she often dismisses with her signature send-off, "Jackass!" Kim is at her best when doing impromptu Q&As with fans. Here's her response to a question about whether she prefers hamburgers or hot dogs at a barbecue:

And when some joker tried to razz her about potentially failing to earn her LPGA Tour card next year?

2. Brandon McCarthy

Veteran MLB pitcher currently with the Los Angeles Dodgers


McCarthy is one of the funniest pro athletes on Twitter—period. He's opinionated, irreverent, clever and snarky, and the right-hander will chime in on everything from what's going on in baseball and other sports to politics and pop culture—even ads.

3. Chris Kluwe

Retired NFL punter formerly of the Minnesota Vikings


A punter turned activist, Kluwe is as outspoken on Twitter about things like same-sex marriage and gun control as he is when publicly discussing issues like openly gay players in the NFL for whom he famously advocated. Kluwe is a must-follow for socially conscious, left-leaning sports fans. If you disagree with his politics, though, he may not be for you.

4. Joffrey Lupul

Veteran NHL player currently with the Toronto Maple Leafs


If you could only choose one NHL player to follow, it would have to be Lupul. There's one caveat, however: In an April 13 tweet, Lupul said good-bye to his fans and then announced he's "quitting Twitter." He has tweeted a couple of times since though (once about the Toronto Blue Jays). Lupol's still worth following, even if it's only to see if he comes back. If not, his followers will surely miss such deep thoughts as these:

(If Lupol remains true to his word, try Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo, instead. In fact, follow him anyway.)

5. Brad Keselowski