7 Secrets To Finding Your Summer Fling On Facebook

Here's some pointers on finding a summer fling on Facebook.

It’s hot outside and you’re feeling frisky. Perhaps you’d like to have some arm candy to experience all that summer has to offer — yes, you can find your next fling on Facebook.

Facebook is chock full of potentials, it’s a free relaxed environment where you can mingle with singles who are connected to you through an extended network of friends in up to six degrees of separation. So if you want a romantic fling this summer, go ahead, test the Facebook waters and see what bites.

Tap Your Friends

First, you have to view Facebook as a buffet of highly accessible potentials. Put the word out and then, get it spreading like a California wildfires that you are ready to make a connection with someone. Word to the wise: Don’t behave like a love-starved teenybopper — it’s a turnoff. Friends of friends are always a safer deal than meeting total strangers, if you can stick to this potential dating route, then by all means do so. It’s always best if someone can vouch for another person and spill some beans about them as well.

Clean Up Your Profile

Get rid of the mind-numbing nonsense that is written all over your profile, silly philosophies that certify you as dumb. Delete those status updates that are riddled with curse words, mentions of criminal activity or lewd jokes from friends who are card-carrying yahoos. Destroy that mugshot profile picture of yourself that someone could use as a dartboard. Keep in mind: showing yourself in the best light is always the best way to go.

Look Beyond Dating Apps

We think you’ll do better at finding other singletons by joining groups on Facebook, rather than the applications devoted to the cause of dating. However, it doesn’t hurt to put up profiles on Facebook dating apps and see whether anyone bites. Just don’t put all your eggs in that one basket.

Don’t Forget About Events

Summer is the time when folks love playing hostess with the mostest., so be sure to get your partaaay invite to all of the hot gatherings. BBQ’s, picnics, church socials, put your best foot forward and “git ta steppin’!” Party face on, brush up on the charm and mingle like your life depends on it. Circulate, wall flowers go home numberless! Facebook events are where the parties are going to be at this summer!

Snoop The Places Feature

If you’ve zeroed in on a potential, put geolocation to work for you! Find out which of Facebook’s places your person of interest is checking into, and make a point of visiting those destinations yourself! Make a point of checking in more often so that your crush can find you more easily. Perhaps you can increase the chance that you both appear at a certain place at the same time.

Make That Move

Once a friend has hooked you up with a potential fling, take it from the wall to the private message postings. Keep it casual at first; then you might want to pick the right day to tell them something like it’s been a rough day at work, it’s blazing hot outside and how much you could really use a thirst quenching drink or how you’d love to go out for some ice cream. Corny? Yes, but lines like these have worked throughout the ages — just ask your grandparents.

Sealing the Deal

Once you’re finally face to face with your Facebook fling, remember appearance counts. So dress the part, show up on time, don’t be obnoxious, keep your tech toys undercover, don’t pry, axe the word “ex” from your vocabulary and maybe, just maybe, that fling will turn into a relationship that could take you through all of the seasons.

Readers, what’s worked best for you when you’ve tried to find a summer fling on Facebook?