7 Great Ways to Share Video on Twitter

Sure, you could link to a YouTube video in your tweet, but did you know there are Twitter-specific services out there that let you share videos, perfectly formatted for the 140-character container? Some allow instant videocasts to Twitter, others show you what videos are trending right now, and still others simplify the video sharing process down to its basics. Here are our 7 favorite ways to share video on Twitter.


TwitVid is by far the most popular video sharing service designed for Twitter. While it doesn’t quite have the ubiquity that TwitPic has, it is still a great tool for video enthusiasts who are restricted to 140-characters or less.

With a single button, you can upload and share a video on Twitter from your computer, phone or webcam, and TwitVid offers Blackberry, iPhone and Android apps as well. The site also lists popular videos and users, so you can browse what’s hot in video on Twitter.


Based in Japan, TwitCasting allows Twitter users to live stream from their PCs, laptops, iPhones and more while on Twitter.

When you sign in to the TwitCasting video app, you will see your Twitter feed on the bottom of the screen and a video screen at the top. With a touch of a button, you can notify your Twitter followers that you’re going to be live streaming and start recording. If your followers click on the link included in the tweet, they will be taken to your TwitCasting page with a live stream of what you are recording.


BubbleTweet is a fun, short way to send video messages to your Twitter followers. You can record a message, and it will be presented in a small bubble for easy viewing. The video plays from your BubbleTweet profile, but it would be neat if this service could somehow be integrated within Twitter.com.


Users can upload videos and photos using TwitLens with just a few clicks. After signing in, you can choose to upload one or multiple files, and TwitLens even allows you to tag friends (using @mention functionality) from within their uploader service.


Zocial.tv shows you the hottest videos on both Twitter and Facebook. This will give you some insight into what’s being passed around the Twitter-sphere and on Facebook, and it can lead to some fun re-tweeting on your part.


Capturing a screencast and sending it to your Twitter followers can’t be any easier than doing it through Screenr. Using a web-based (no download necessary) recorder, Screenr allows users to start a screen capture with a click of the mouse, and upload the capture to Twitter. This is extremely useful for anyone giving tutorials, demos or other experiences.


While this app doesn’t actually let you share video that you’ve taken, it does let you share your thoughts on Hollywood blockbusters. ReelTimeTweets shows you the latest comments and reviews that Twitter users are leaving about movies. You can search for an actor’s name, a movie name or a genre to refine the moview review tweets you see.