7 3D TVs to Keep an Eye on This Year

Multiple manufacturers are showing off 3D TVs here at CES. So how do they stack up? We went from booth to booth to booth donning 3D glasses to check them out. Only one of the companies gave us a ballpark price and none has a release date. And based on what the market demands, some of the products may never make it to your local Best Buy.

• LG’s was most impressive. On one of several TVs they were showing the trailer for the upcoming “Alice in Wonderland.” On another, the company was demoing what they claim is the world’s first 3D still camera and showing the images on a 55″ LCD 3DTV.

• Panasonic’s 3DTV is right up there with LG’s in terms of quality. DirecTV is also working out of the Panasonic booth as the satellite TV service plans to launch three separate 3D channels in June.

• Sharp’s 3DTV concept models are also pretty … sharp. Again, on par with LG and Panasonic. LG, Panasonic and Sharp all plan to begin shipping in late Spring.

• Samsung’s 3DTV sets were not quite as impressive, at least from where we stood. With the Flip cam we shot through the 3D glasses during a screening of “Monsters & Aliens.” Then, at 7 seconds in, took the glasses away. (Not that you’d be able to see it in 3D on your computer or handheld, but it was a fun experiment anyway.) Video below:

• Chinese manufacturers Haier and TCL (the company that bought the Thomson and RCA TV and DVD products) each have 3DTV models. The TCL model is coming out in May in China, and probably another year before it’s introduced in the U.S. A representative told us the price would be about 1.5 times what a normal LCD TV of the same size costs. Haier’s 3DTV is the only one we tested that doesn’t require glasses for viewing. (Image above/left)

• Finally, Sony’s OLED 3DTV was not very impressive. As one person in the booth told us, the electronics and content giant has so many products, they are not making a real run for the 3DTV market, that is assuming there ever is a 3DTV market.