6 ways small businesses can use Facebook retargeting to convert more customers


Have you ever done research or shopped for a product online and then realize that the ads on your computer start to talk to you about what you were interested in? This is retargeting in action.

Facebook retargeting is a kind of behavioral ad retargeting which allows businesses to gather browsing data from their website users in order to create targeted Facebook ads when those same users login to the Facebook platform.  This is revolutionary for small businesses (SMBs) looking to drive targeted traffic to their site and convert more site visitors.


Here are 6 ways SMBs can utilize Facebook retargeting:

1.  Continue the Conversation

Communication with your potential or current customers doesn’t end when they leave your site. Retargeting allows you to follow up with your best prospects by displaying Facebook ads that are relevant to their online searches. Your ads can even match the stage of the purchase funnel potential customers are in for best results.

2.  Promote Similar Products and Services

Perhaps the product or service your visitor looked at wasn’t right for them. With retargeting, you can feature similar products or services they may not have found while on your site, but could potentially be interested in.


3.  Provide Additional Product Information

Deliver custom content to visitors who visited specific pages on your site. Providing additional information about products or services to these visitors will increase conversion rates.

4.  Close the Sale with a Promotion

Offer an exclusive promotion to visitors who bounced from your site. Because this won’t be available to the general public, you can offer deeper discounts to these visitors in order to drive them back to your site and close a new customer.


5.  Offer Precision Targeting

With retargeting, you are not using a one-size fits all approach.  You are displaying ads to people who have already expressed interest by meeting the criteria you choose, such as visiting a specific page or adding something to a shopping cart.  Do you have a product that is specifically geared towards women?  Create an ad that is targeted only to your specific demographic.

6.  Reach People Where They Are

Not only do people use Facebook on their computers, but most also use Facebook from their mobile devices, so Facebook retargeting allows you not only reach a specific audience, who you already know is shopping for your product, but you reach them whether they are on desktop, tablet or mobile.


Do you have anything to add to our list?  Tell us in the comments below.

Allison Freedenfeld is the Director of Product Marketing for Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Zibaba.