59% of Global Android Tablet Share is Based in U.S.

Kindle Fire tablets are the most popular Android tablets in the United States, according to new metrics from Localytics, an app analytics tool.  Fifty-nine percent of all Android tablets which use apps with Localytics integrated in them, are based in the U.S.. Of these U.S. based devices, 33 percent are Kindle Fires, 10 percent at Nook, 9 percent are Samsung Galaxy, and 8 percent at Nexus 7.

According to the report, 89 percent of Amazon’s tablets are owned in the United States, “with most of the rest in Great Britain.”

Here is more from the Localytics blog: “..any Android developer with a focus on tablets should be distributing their apps in the Amazon App Store. The degree to which Amazon has dominated their most serious geographical market should speak to the future potential, and since Google Play is unavailable on the Kindle Fire family, adding Amazon’s App Store as a distribution channel is important.”