56Mbps HPSA+ Coming to T-Mobile Subscribers in 19 Cities on July 21?

T-Mobile’s wireless data network has been a bit flaky in my area. It has been slipping between 3G and EDGE (slow) status on my Nexus One. This is odd because TMo’s 3G network had been becoming larger and more stable since its launch in my area last Fall. TMo may be able to make it up to me if BGR’s report is accurate, however.
T-Mobile launching HSPA+ service in 19 cities on July 21st, offering HSPA+ netbook
One of the 19 cities listed is one I live in (yay!). HSPA+ is supposed to be able to provide up to 56Mbps downstream speed. ADDENDUM: T-Mobile’s HSPA+ implementation is limited to 21Mbps downstream. I don’t expect to see that kind of speed. But, if it is even 10% of that, I will be very very happy.
BGR only notes HSPA+ USB wireless modems and an HSPA+ capable Dell Mini 10 netbook in the article. However, the Android-based Nexus One is supposed support HPSA+ with downstream speeds of up to 7.2Mbps (nowhere near the theoretical maximum, but still very good). July 21 is just around the corner. I’ll report back if I notice an “H” on my Nexus One screen next week.