505 Games Announces Hidden Heroes for Mobile

The game challenges players to build an army and conquer lands to rid the kingdom of The Chaos Cultists.

Hidden Heroes 2

Naughty Bear publisher 505 Games has announced the development of Hidden Heroes for mobile devices. The strategy RPG is built around three core ideas: build, battle and conquer, and challenges players to build their own army before taking it into battle to become the King of the Castle.

Hidden Heroes is being developed by Lume Games, and sees players working to rid Stormvale of “The Chaos Cultists.” As players complete battles, they’ll conquer and control new lands, and can also raid other players in asynchronous player-vs-player battles. Each conquered land produces resources for the player over time.

While the strategy RPG genre has plenty of options, Hidden Heroes looks to stand apart from the crowd via its built-in Rune Scanner, which allows players to add new lands to their kingdom by scanning barcodes or QR codes.

Hidden Heroes

As players collect heroes, they can train or evolve them using free or premium currency. Each hero has a special ability, attack and health stats, adding elements of strategy when forming one’s army.

In addition to player-vs-player content, gamers will also be able to complete PvE campaigns to earn new heroes for their army.

Hidden Heroes is expected to launch for free this Spring. Check back soon for more.