5 Ways Tumblr is Tapping Global Bloggers

Multimedia blogging platform Tumblr became a Top 50 Website for U.S. traffic this month, but the site’s most exciting growth is happening on the global stage. The proof? Tumblr has 6.25 million users, half of which are international. Here are five things Tumblr is doing to keep up its reputation around the world.

New language themes

As of this week, Tumblr is offering its themes in five languages: English, German, Japanese, French, and Italian. The 3.1 million global page visitors that flock to the site each day will likely appreciate this development — Tumblr makes no small deal out of all its featured and premium designs for blog pages. The site even has compiled these designs into a “theme garden” where you can choose from almost 500 templates. The “Bus Full of Hippies” theme, for example, has drawn 46,560 users. Theme designers can also translate their text strings into any of these five languages on the site.

Keeping track

Tumblr is now keeping tabs on its global real-time traffic monitor that founder David Karp posted on his blog and the staff’s blog. Cool images like this world map are one of the big reasons to get involved with Tumblr, which is known for inspiring blogs filled with images, video, and audio clips. Just the fact that Tumblr is so excited to share this kind of data (“Here’s a sample of traffic coming in at 10AM EST this morning. You can see the West Coast just starting to wake up!” wrote Karp), bodes well for the company’s ability to think of the intercontinental picture.

iPhone app 1.2

Last month, Tumblr released the latest version of its app, which is available in German as well as English. Even without the language element, an updated app for Tumblr increases visibility and useability for the site, qualities that will likely keep increasing traffic worldwide. Some of the app’s other features are better display graphics and iOS 4.0 compatibility. Of course, Tumblr jumped on the app wagon long ago, with apps for the BlackBerry, Android, and other mobile providers.

Tumblr meetups

Tumblr meetups fuse the online blog community with real life social opportunities. Meetups allow bloggers to hang out in person, and Tumblr helps bloggers organize and advertise such events across the world, every day. Upcoming gatherings are scheduled in locations from Seville, Spain to Melbourne, Australia. And the site even has this blog to celebrate these meetings with photos from the festivities that users upload.

Language beta testers

The Tumblr staff blog makes no secret of how it plans to polish its international appeal. In the last six months, Tumblr has openly advertised for French, Japanese, and German language beta testers, making sure that its followers and users know about the site’s plans to globalize. Now you can even check out the German staff blog, should you ever want to follow this exploding platform through international eyes.

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