5 Ways To Improve Safety On Facebook

Here are five suggestions on how to help everyone on Facebook have a safer experience on the site.

Facebook has hosted two livestreams in as many days focusing on the topic of increasing safety for minors who use the social network. The suggestions offered in both presentations has relevance for adults and teenagers alike. With that in mind, here are five suggestions on how to help everyone on Facebook have a safer experience on the site.

1. Promote safety awareness

Help increase awareness about issues surrounding safety, both by posting on your own page and discussing the topic offline.

2. Don’t tolerate abuse

Create or endorse clear policies that don’t tolerate harrassment or abuse on Facebook. If you’re a parent, make that a household rule. If you’re administering a page on the social network, post to that effect on your subsite. If you’re an individual user, write a note or status update about this.

3. Report abuse to Facebook

Encourage people to use the abundant “report abuse” links on the site and third-party applications. Tell people about this in person and also post about these links on your page or profile. Many folks don’t notice these links while using the site, but could be talked into looking for them in the future.

4. Share safety tips

Talk to people you know about how to use the site more safely. Do this on the site and offline as well. For instance, talk about how it’s a bad idea to share your password with others, how one needs to avoid “oversharing” information online and strive to “undershare” instead, which of the privacy settings to use in different situations, and whether to unfriend people you don’t know well.

5. Peruse educational resources

Find educational resources about how to use Facebook more safely and share them with others. The social network’s official safety center has information about this posted on the page, and participating organizations also have similar data posted on their respected pages.

We realize this list is short, so if you have ideas on safety not included here, please share them in the comments section. While we’re at it, what do you think about these suggestions? What additional recommendations would you make on how to improve everyone’s safety on Facebook?