5 Ways To Beef Up Customer Service On Facebook

Conversocial has five suggestions for Amazon.com and all other brands looking to improve their customer service on Facebook.

Uh oh: Retailers ignore British customers on Facebook.

That’s what Conversocial claims based on researching the content and responsiveness of the U.K.’s top 10 retailers on Facebook — based on Econsultancy’s ranking of fan sizes.

While Conversocial says that the best performing retailer was responding to questions within an hour, the worst-performers seemed to have little interest in moderating their online communities.

Interestingly, U.S.-based Amazon.com showed up at the bottom of the consultancy’s ranking of response times among retailers on Facebook; perhaps that’s a simple matter of understaffing?

Conversocial has five suggestions for Amazon and all other brands looking to improve their customer service on Facebook.

1. Always Reply

Don’t be selective about which customers you respond to. Every single customer post that you skip reflects negatively on your brand.

2. Enable your wall

Don’t broadcast conversations with customers onto your news feed — which happens when you post responses on customer walls instead of your own. Keep the dialogue on your own page.

3. Monitor Your Page Throughout The Day

Give social media the same amount of attention afforded to phone calls and emails.

4. Add Personality To Your Responses

Let your customers know who they’re speaking to.

5. Use A Page Management Tool With Customer Service Workflow

Software that helps you prioritize communications will help you connect with customers better.

We’ve embedded a copy of Conversocial‘s report below. Readers, what do you think of these suggestions?

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