5 Ways Brands Can Leverage Live Video Broadcasting

This is a guest post by Sam Rooeintan, founder and creative director of Marstudio.

This is a guest post by Sam Rooeintan, founder and creative director of Marstudio.

Live video broadcasting really took off this year, with Meerkat and Periscope exploding out of SxSW in March and now Facebook opening their live video streaming feature to everyone (it had been restricted to celebrities).

If your clients have been looking at new programs and tools in preparation for a stellar 2016, this is a trend worth considering. Here are five ways brands can leverage live video broadcasting:

1. Test ideas.

Live video broadcasting is a great way to get ideas out there and see if they stick. Because live video is so interactive, people will either join the conversation and chime in with their thoughts, or, they will ignore it. That kind of instant feedback is priceless.

2. Use it in place of webinars.

Whether your client already holds webinars regularly, occasionally, or not yet, try doing a live video broadcast in place of a webinar. It will be a more authentic, genuine and conversational experience – no reading scripts or preparing PowerPoint presentations.

If you go this route, be sure to have a moderator during the broadcast. Ask a team member to join the broadcast from their phone or computer. He can jump in and ask questions, reply to people’s comments or questions if you miss them, take notes, and block trolls (a huge issue on Periscope – there are users who make inappropriate comments and ask very inappropriate questions).

3. Hold Q&A’s.

A lot of people use Periscope for “ask me anything sessions.” Going into a live broadcast that open-ended probably isn’t a great idea – see “block trolls” above – so instead, choose a topic that brings together your client’s area of expertise and questions they get asked all the time.

4. Conduct live interviews.

Bring your client’s CEO or one of their top subject matter experts on for a live interview (as long as they’re fun, personable, and at ease being on camera). Or, go outside the company to interview other industry experts, partners, vendors, or people they admire. Just make sure they pass the fun-personable-at-ease test.

5. Newsjack hot topics.

When a news item is related to your client’s expertise, leverage the opportunity to join the conversation. For example, let’s say they specialize in data security. The next time a huge company announces a data breach, newsjack the topic and explain steps other companies should take to prevent hackers from infiltrating their systems.

Ready to go? Before you get started, keep these tips to keep in mind for your client or brand:

• Stick with it! It will take time to get into a groove and build up an audience.
• When using a mobile app like Periscope, prop up the camera so it’s steady during the broadcast.
• Wear earbuds or a headset for better sound quality, or use a conference room that has sound-absorbing materials.
• Have the spokesperson spend the first couple of minutes introducing themselves and the topic before they get going.
• During the broadcast, ask questions, say hi as people join, and re-introduce yourself and the topic.

20a883aSam Rooeintan is the founder and creative director of Marstudio, an award-winning graphic design agency and creative marketing firm based in the DC-metropolitan area. With experience that spans over two decades and across three continents, Sam uses his unique perspective to help organizations strategically approach visual communication, and serves as the creative lead on all projects.