5 Videos You Should Never Post On YouTube

These days, people are uploading videos to YouTube about everything, from personal video blogs to home videos, music clips, comedy sketches, how to segments and more. However, not every video is appropriate for sharing with the world on YouTube. Not everything is for the public eye, and you don’t want one of your videos to go randomly viral and ruin your life! We’ve put together a list of 5 types of videos you should never upload to YouTube, so check it out and think twice before you upload.

Videos You Made While You Or Your Friends Were Drunk

Hey there, Drunky McGee! While you may think it’s funny to upload videos of yourself or your friends stumbling around at last night’s party or doing a keg stand, it won’t be so funny if it goes viral. A YouTube video can serve as a permanent reminder of your drunk shenanigans, available not only for your friends to watch but also your parents, your current and future employers and a whole slew of strangers. You may even end up in a drunk people compilation clip with 26 million views!

When it comes to drunk videos, the Golden Rule applies – Upload videos of others as you would have other upload videos of yourself. Ask yourself, “How would I feel if my friend uploaded this video of me falling on my face while trying to do a keg stand?” If you wouldn’t want to share that video with the world if it was you, then don’t do it to your friend either. Also, if you are still drunk when you get home from the party then you may want to wait until morning to start uploading your videos to YouTube. Drinking clouds your judgment, you know.

Videos of You And Your Friends Committing a Crime

While it sounds obvious that you should never upload a video of yourself or your friends committing a crime to YouTube, there have been a recent slew of people doing just that…and getting caught. Just a couple of months ago, in May, a group of drivers stunt driving on the streets of Dubai were arrested after a video of their crazy road tricks went viral on YouTube.

Also in May, a British teen stole a police car and posted a video of himself taking a joyride on the Internet. Sufficed to say, he was caught. Shortly after the British teen was caught stealing a police car, two British teenage girls and a 21-year old man were arrested after posting a video of themselves taking a Joyride in a double-decker bus to YouTube. Though the video has been removed, the message lives on – don’t post videos of your crimes on YouTube (not that we are suggesting you commit any crimes). You will get caught.

Embarrassing Videos Of Your Kids

You know that cute video that you made of your son dancing around the house in his underwear, or your daughter talking about how she just made a humungous poop? Keep those to yourself. Can you imagine if you posted them to YouTube and they went viral? Your son would forever be known as the infamous underwear dancer, and your daughter would be called “Poop Girl” for years to come. Just don’t do it.

Remember that when you upload a video to YouTube it’s forever. Sure, you can take the clip down, but when videos go viral so many other people copy and upload the clips that your kids will be stuck on YouTube forever. So before you upload a video of your child, ask yourself how they might feel about it years from now, after it’s gotten 3 million views and they’ve appeared on Ellen and Good Morning America.

And now I give you…The infamous underwear dancer singing into a banana while his dad walks around in his underwear in the background!

Videos Of Yourself Going Off On a Ridiculous Rant

We all get upset from time to time, and sometimes we might make videos when we are pissed off, ranting about all that’s wrong with the world and sticking it to the man. However, if you like making these kinds of videos then I recommend you cool down for awhile before you start uploading them to YouTube. Sometimes uploading your rant video to the web will just make your problems worse.

Take, for instance, in the popular YouTube clip ‘Gingers Do Have Souls’ a redheaded guy talks about how he is irritated by the fact that South Park says gingers don’t have souls. He is upset because he’s being called a “fat ginger” by kids at school. Now he’s being laughed at by over 7.6 million viewers who are calling him a “fat ginger”, among other things, in the comments. Shortly after the clip was uploaded, even South Park released an episode making fun of the clip.

Videos Of Anything, If You Work At Best Buy

A recent news story about a Best Buy employee that almost lost his job over a humorous clip that he uploaded to YouTube seems to say that if you work at Best Buy you probably should upload any videos to YouTube. Best Buy employee Brian Maupin was suspended, and nearly fired from his job, because he posted a video poking fun at customers who must have the iPhone 4.

According to a quote that Maupin gave TechCrunch, Best Buy felt the clip “disparaged a brand they carried (iPhone/Apple) as well as the store itself and were fearful of stockholders and customers being turned off to Best Buy Mobile.” However, the truth of the matter is that Best Buy is never mentioned in the clip, or on Maupin’s YouTube page, and if it wasn’t for the press coverage the store received because of this incident, nobody would have known the clip had anything to do with Best Buy.

Of course, you are welcome to upload any videos that you’d like to YouTube. However, this story and others show that viral videos often have consequences. Before you upload, think twice.

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