7 Tools For Managing Your Facebook Fans

Here are seven applications that allow you to quickly respond, stay in touch, and continue to enhance your brand's presence on Facebook.

Social networking allows the world to keep going in a massive conversation, but you might find that your company is having a bit of problem staying in touch with its fan base. So, here are seven customer service applications that allow you to quickly respond, stay in touch, and continue to enhance your brand’s presence on Facebook. Take a look at these products below.


Announced last month, Assistly has enhanced and improved its ability to offer customer service support for businesses’ Facebook pages. Control and monitor the conversation – as well many other digital services – directly your desktop with their product.
The desktop application works in real time, providing the opportunity to interact and be more available for their customers. Any member of a company can connect to offer assistance on a particular question. With prices ranging $39 to $99, Assistly serves as a customer relationship management product that helps your fan base be an arm’s length away to ensure you are offering the best quality customer service for them.

Buddy Media

Buddy Media designs Facebook pages and does a lot to continue to engage your fan base after your brand’s finished site is up and running. The company is the popular choice for many reputable to be a one-stop shop for all social marketing, including customer relations.
The tools offered by Buddy Media track responses, monitor mentions of rival companies, and quickly connect your fans when any issues may arise. Utilizing these tools can help you post the best possible content that will engage your fans by analyzing exactly what is working. While the brand does not specifically offer a product labeled as customer relationship management, the company’s solutions cover just about all areas to help you have the most mutually beneficial relationship with fans possible.


If you simply can’t wait for Salesforce.com to make its own Facebook CRM product available, here’s something you can use right now. Formerly called Faceforce, Faceconnector is a third-party application that plus into Salesforce.com for enriching and growing your professional relationships.
It’s somewhat similar to LinkedIn in prompting you to search your personal network for professional leads and potential new customers — find someone who could make an introduction, reach out to a new customer based on shared interests, and aim for an improved customer relationship by taking the time to learn a little more about specific target audiences.
Faceconnector is an interesting integration option for Salesforce.com. I question just how useful it might be to access to my entire personal network in the interest of maintaining and growing any business relations. I guess you never really know who may be a friend of a friend.

Get Satisfaction

This company is the customer service support software of choice for many reputable brands, and the Facebook-enabled plans sold by Get Satisfaction begin at $49.
A support tab will be installed directly to your Facebook page, similar to the feature offered by Parature. Obviously as plan price increases, more features become available including: more moderator seats, improved widgets, and an integration of help CRM and helpdesk tools. They offer specific details of their plans and examples of companies that would fit into each category. They also have a Price Genie, and their staff is readily available to answer questions.
Overall, from the basic plan forward Get Satisfaction offers widgets, Google analytics integration, a statistics dashboard to keep track of what is working, and so much more to help build a quality presence in the interest of attracting loyal fans. Begin searching their page today to see their wide range of capabilities to help continue to grow your brand.


Companies with branches and offices located around the country will really appreciate how Hearsay can develop an engaging localized presence on Facebook. The app can enable a presentative of a particular branch to handle local customer inquiries. The app can also help on a corporate level for larger fan management strategy across multiple locales.


Parature for Facebook is a comprehensive software product that aims to protect and maintain the success of your company’s presence on the site from one location.