5 Tips for Running Your Firm’s Social Feeds


Today we bring you a guest post from Heather Mann, Social Media Marketing Manager at LA’s Digney Mario & Co. Mann shares lessons learned from Digney’s recent self-promotional social campaigns.

1. Your Audiences Are Not All the Same

Many businesses make the mistake of aiming their social media toward the same audience on multiple platforms–yet every one will reach a different audience.

For example, Digney Mario & Co.’s Facebook page posts content aimed at young professionals and those with a particular in our industry. Our Twitter feed, on the other hand, is aimed primarily at journalists and industry veterans.

The same principle applies to campaigns; distinguishing between these target audiences can make or break your efforts.

Here, for example, are posts reporting on the same event for our Facebook and Twitter followers:



2. Contests Are NOT For Everyone

Although contests and promotions can be a quick and easy way to gain followers and likes, the quality of followers gained during contests varies wildly because the average promotion attracts many users only interested in the prize.

Those users often block, unfollow, or unlike you after a given campaign is done. We found that utilizing targeted ads is a better way to gain quality followers who click because they’re interested, not because they want to win free tickets to Coachella.

For example, after launching a sharing contest on Facebook on May 6th, we saw an increase in our Daily Likes. When our contest ended on the 20th, however, many of those users stopped following us. Here’s the chart:


3. Analyze Your Data Thoroughly

Too many firms ignore their data, but each post will bring different information about your audience. Facebook’s insights tab, for example, clearly shows which posts are outperforming others and helps track negative feedback. It’s worth more than just a quick scan.

4. Tackle One Platform at a Time

When you are new to the social media world, the various, constantly changing platforms can be intimidating. We started with the basics and worked our way up, because a strong Facebook/Twitter following makes cross-promotion easier.

Trying to tackle too many platforms at once could stunt your growth–and not every platform is right for your business. The “jack of all trades” principle definitely applies to social.

For reference, here’s an Instagram post promoting a client event on our own feed:DigneyInstagram

…and a LinkedIn post sharing insights from others in the industry:


5. Have Fun With It!

Sure, this is an obvious point–but it’s often forgotten.

Social media can easily become just another work duty, but your boredom will eventually grow obvious to your own audience.

At Digney Mario & Co., we like to think of managing social as playing a role–we inhabit the “persona” of a young communications professional who’s exploring the industry while helping like-minded people find their way around.

On the most basic level, if you obviously enjoy your social media work then it’s far more likely that others will, too.