5 Tips for Finding Your Voice

Finding your voice is the bane of most people who try to write. Years of proper education teaches them to forgo personal identity to lean towards proper grammar and cookie-cutter writing styles. This is in fact the reason many people have trouble with social media.

Branding and marketing in the social media realm is simply an extension of your natural voice. Regardless if you branding yourself or a product your voice has to come through, if you are branding a product with social media a little personification never hurt anyone.

Finding your voice can be difficult, especially if you are not use to writing in less than formal style, this is where a PR/Marketing professional can help. While we can’t write a blog for you or tweet for you we can help push you in the right direction.

I was at a media function last night sponsored by the Washingtonian (loved the mini-burgers by the way) and I was chatting with a media pro about how we PR types help with social media. I came up with a quick list of five things and I figured I would share them with all of you.

1. Speak Don’t Write

I am not saying throw grammar and convention out the window, but if you have problems writing try recording yourself saying what you would like to write. Then transcribe what you said and clean up the grammar.

2. Don’t Try and Be Funny

Trying to write something funny is the second hardest thing to do in writing. If you try to be witty and clever while writing and fail, you will sound like an idiot.

3. Don’t Write as Someone Else

This is the hardest thing to do in writing. Trying to write in someone else’s voice is harder than beating up Chuck Norris. This is why writers have a gift for creating conversation and critics rave about the writer when he or she is discovered.

4. Don’t Lie

Try not to lie in your writing. Many people try to ‘talk things up’ when writing because they think they can use a creative license. Social media will eat you alive if you get caught being creative with the truth.

5. Consult a Pro

Find a PR/Marketing pro and ask them what they think, we are here to help. We love giving out advice and tips to anyone trying to work in social media. Personally I have a passion for social media and love sharing ideas and tips with anyone who will listen.

That’s about it. I figure I missed a few tips, I was watching the CAPS game last night so I was a bit distracted. If you have any tips on finding your voice in social media share them with me. I would love the help!