5 Social Media Fails of the Week

Learn from others’ mistakes…
As we coast into the holiday weekend, have a gander at several of the top social media stories from the past week that hardly qualify as stellar. We take a look at the Microsoft Kin, Social Media Day, Nabisco, Google Me and Dave Weigel. I’m sure you’ll get a laugh and learn a lesson or two, so read on!

Microsoft Kin
Microsoft Kin is a failure and the world knows it (except for the 500 people who have bought one). In an age of corporate transparency, it’s lame when a company can’t step up and admit it took a wrong turn. Take note tech world: your kids will never want a parent-approved phone, no matter how you try to package it. The Kin could set a launch-to-failure record not seen since ABC rolled out Cop Rock. You can slash the price until the cows come home, unless you’re paying teens to use a Kin, this product is dead in the water.
Social Media Day
Really? It’s bad enough that July is Tahiti Awareness Month and that July 6 is Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day, but do we really need a day to put the spotlight on something that is already entrenched in our lives? Not everything is worthy of a 24-hour period, no matter how badly those Crunchable sites want you to believe it is. I submit that we take back June 30th and use it as a day that promotes something that actually NEEDS promoting.
I’d love for the Publishers Clearing House van to pull up in front of my house with a big, fat check. But the Wheat Thins people? Not so much. Cookie and cracker giant Nabisco is dunking into the social media realm with campaigns for the beloved Oreo and (saw-dusty) Wheat Thins. An Oreo “Fan of the Week” I can buy, but people wanting these crackers to show up because “The crunch is calling,” is a concept that is lost on me. In fairness, while hardly a “trending” topic, the campaign is getting some buzz. And @CrunchIsCalling is following more people than they have following them – which is something I like to see. Will the SocialTimes crew get a pallet of Oreos delivered to HQ? Probably not. But just in case, make sure you bring the milk!
Google Me
I don’t get excited when Kevin Rose fires off a Tweet. I just don’t. Based on the fizzle of Google Buzz, I need solid details of the next Google-created “Facebook killer” before I get excited. Thousands of blogs picked up the Google Me story this week, but for me, adding Buzz to Google Social Search is simply not enough. Show me a product, Google, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get removed from the SocialTimes Fail List.
Dave Weigel
The Washington Post blogger resigned this week after messages he posted on a “private listserv” for journalists were exposed. The problem? He was criticizing the same people he was hired to cover. We can debate reporter vs. ideologue until we’re blue in the face (and I have a Hot Dog Eating contest to get to!), but the bottom line is that everything on Web can be public in millisecond. Even 15-year-old Facebook users are beginning to understand that. Whether you think Weigel was right or wrong, posting rants on your livelihood is never a wise move. Ever.