5 Reasons You Stopped Using Google Buzz

While Google Buzz generated a huge response from early tech adopters when it first launched, the initial “buzz” (pardon the pun) has died down. Now only the most dedicated users appear to be using the service and it’s now questionable as to whether or not Buzz will have the staying power to expand to the masses. While Gmail already has a massive network of users, most of them appear to be stuck in their inbox and Buzz is just an icon that stays at “(100+)”. Here are the 5 top reasons we believe you stopped using Google Buzz.

1. You Have Too Much Email

Seriously, my inbox isn’t empty yet and I’m supposed to go through a bunch of Buzz updates? That’s the type of question most users are asking themselves when they first arrive to their overloaded inbox. While we’d love to spend our time conversing with our friends, we’re already overloaded with the number of messages trying to reach us every day. Perhaps Google could spend more time focusing on how to filter out information rather than driving more of it to us!

2. Nobody Comments On Your Updates

While you may still post on occasion, face it, nobody responds to your posts anymore. While Robert Scoble and Mashable seem to have 30 or more people commenting on every post, most users find that they aren’t getting much of a response from their friends. After a while you start feeling lonely and after 10 updates where nobody is responding to you, you start to give up.

This isn’t a Buzz-only problem mind you. Twitter has the same issue, and Google’s solution to this is to instantly connect you to your other contacts through the inbox. While it might work, they didn’t count on people avoiding the “Buzz” link altogether since they aren’t able to make it through their inbox in the first place.

3. You Already Have Twitter & Facebook

Google Buzz has the “Yet Another Social Network” (YASN) syndrome. It attempts to make improvements over Friendfeed and others, however it’s difficult to create another place for friends to connect when there is already a limitless number of services and Facebook and Twitter have become so ubiquitous. While Google has serious muscle to push another social product out to the masses, it may already be too late.

4. You Are Having Too Much Fun With Foursquare And Gowalla

Yes, Google Buzz also has location-based features as well but Gowalla and Foursquare already appear to be the primary leaders in the space. Perhaps neither company will end up winning the location battles, but when it’s already fun to get icons and badges from the existing networks, what incentives do users have to start using Google Buzz over other location services?

5. You’re Already Too Connected

Yeah, so your Mr (or Mrs) popular … we get it! After loading up 100 applications on your iPhone, connecting to all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Google Buzz, and more, you’ve finally come to the conclusion that being hyper-connected isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be. You now have emails, phone calls, text messages, wall posts, multiple inboxes, and more and now you have more messages than you can possibly handle.

Congratulations on becoming a super-networker but now suddenly this has all become a lot more work than you initially expected. The only solution is to start ignoring various message sources because you’ve had enough. The first thing to go is the most recent services that you joined and that includes Google Buzz.

So have you given up on Google Buzz already or do you think it’s too early to give up on the service? Alternatively, are you simply a die hard early adopter and willing to use the product even after it has been proclaimed dead on arrival (DOA)?