5 Productivity Tools for Twitter

It’s easy to waste away the afternoon browsing for celebrity gossip, breaking news and funny tweets on Twitter, but even better than its entertainment value is Twitter’s productivity capabilities. You can streamline not only your Twitter experience with these tools that we’ve gathered, but also keep current on your “To Do” list and your appointments.

Here’s our list of five productivity tools for Twitter that we love.


HootSuite enables you to streamline your Twitter experience from a single third-party location to up your productivity.

With HootSuite, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, great if you have a personal account, business account, client accounts and brand accounts. They can all be updated and monitored from a single location.

You can schedule posts into the future using HootSuite, and it has a built-in URL shortener service so that you don’t have to leave to shorten a link. HootSuite also displays your Twitter feed in columns, divided into Home Feed, Mentions, Direct Messages and Pending Tweets, so you can stay on top of what’s happening in your Twitter-verse. HootSuite also connects to other social networks, including Facebook and LinkedIn.


TweetDeck organizes your Twitter life in a way that will make you sigh with relief.

TweetDeck has all the features a Twitter power-user could dream of: it allows for easy management of multiple Twitter accounts, displays the latest 200 tweets from your homepage, and organizes @replies directed to you, direct messages, search terms and the latest news into columns.

Other features unique to TweetDeck include the ability to send longer-than-140-character messages, spam filters, the ability to schedule posts into the future, customization of re-tweets, and integration of all of your other social networks. This is an all-in-one Twitter management tool that will make your life easier, guaranteed.


Do you use Twitter as part of a team? CoTweet streamlines your group Twitter management experience.

You can manage multiple Twitter accounts and allow multiple authors access to these accounts with CoTweet. It also integrates with your bit.ly account so you can track and monitor who is sharing your links.

CoTweet allows you to forward tweets to Twitter team members with a note that they should respond to the tweet in question, and it displays threaded conversations so you can easily track what’s been taken care of and what needs attention. This will make your business much more productive in dealing with customer service and engaging with Twitter users.

Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is a great productivity tool that helps you never forget. Anything.

Suddenly remember that you have to get dinner on the way home from work? Or that your library book is due back in three days? With Remember the Milk, you can send yourself a reminder via Twitter.

Here’s how it works: Simply follow Remember the Milk on Twitter, and send all reminders to yourself as Direct Messages (DMs). You can send DMs with the task, its due date, and a variety of other tags that let Remember the Milk know whether this is a weekly recurring task, whether the task has been completed, when you want to be sent a list of all of your current tasks, and other information.

You can get the full list of syntax and commands for Remember the Milk on Twitter here.


Twittercal is just what the doctor ordered for someone with productivity deficiency: it allows you to tweet to your Google Calendar, effectively organizing your entire life straight from Twitter.

You simply have to follow @gcal, and send it direct messages. These DMs will be added to your Google Calendar, acting as reminders for tasks that you have to do and appointment that you have to keep.

For instance, if you have a call with Bob on December 1st at 2pm, you just send a DM to @gcal: “meeting with Bob on Wednesday, 1st of December at 2pm”. And voila! That item will be added to your calendar on December 1st, and you won’t have to give it a second thought.