5 of Europe’s Most Promising Technology Start-ups

PepsiCo picked 10 start-up companies from across Europe that will make up PepsiCo10 – a program designed to discover and support emerging technology companies. Looking over the listed I picked from the list my own top 5 start-up companies. Although all 10 start-up companies were pretty impressive, the ones below are each original in some special.

SDMV (Slingshot Shopping) (UK) – I like this start up because it is the labor of two recent university graduates who have created a program set to revolutionize digital commerce by allowing consumers to instantly place products in their existing online shopping baskets from any website, Facebook page or mobile device. I love that idea of all inclusive social media shopping.

Waxwired Ltd (Flypost) (UK) – This sparked my interest because I can see the marketing value of this product and have seen a few similar apps. As a location based smart phone game, it lets users discover and interact in real-time with live events happening in their city.

SoDash Ltd (UK) – Now, this one is interesting because it seems to do a lot for just being a tool. I’d love to see it in action. It is a social media monitoring tool which uses Artificial Intelligence to help companies manage their brand reputations, whilst also monitoring consumer insight and responses to their brand activity. This monitoring tool does what a whole marketing department executes in a flurry of research activities.

Sports Team Space (Bluefields) (UK) – Being a swim team mom, I can see how this social network tool will truly help hundreds of amateur football clubs across the country easily manage their leagues, teams and subsidies online.

Roamler BV (Netherlands) – I picked this one out of curiosity. It uses a network of consumers as a mobile “workforce,” enabling them to earn rewards by performing small tasks on behalf of corporations, organizations and individuals. A person looking for a job could use this tool to get his foot in the door at an upscale corporation.

These are five amazing start-up companies. Each has an innovative product that can be used right now as a social media tool. And, PepsiCo has big plans to bring their PepsiCo10 program to Latin America or Asia in 2012.