5 Myths Employees Believe About Social Media

Can an employee badmouth his company outside of the workplace? If he gets caught, he can be fired. One way to get caught is to post unsettling comments on Facebook or Twitter where your company can see it and easily document it as a reason for firing you.

Business owners and employees need to address the issue of monitoring social media traffic within the company. Business owners must assume that their employees are using Facebook or Twitter while on the job. They may not want to stop the use of social media during work hours. After all, social media is not the problem. Bad judgment might be, though.
With that said, as a business owner or employee, you should take a look at these five myths many employees believe about social media:

  • It’s protected under freedom of speech: Employees must understand that the First Amendment does not apply in the private workplace.
  • I can post whatever I want away from work: Firing employees for unsettling speech made outside of the workplace is usually legal.
  • I’m covered by the right to privacy: The right to privacy is different, and much more limited, in the workplace.
  • I only told the truth: If it harms the company, the truth of what was said may not matter.
  • There are no rules: Some employees believe they can do and say whatever they want without consequences. The truth is the social media community knows what everyone is up to. You’re better off following the rules of your employer and follow social media etiquette.

Avant Resources offers a video that covers the legal side of what action a company can take against employees who engage in social media abuse. It answers tough questions like: Can companies fire disgruntled workers who trash-talk bosses, pay or work conditions on social media networks?

Having good judgement while using social media is a sure way to keep one’s job. Good judgement also applies to employers.