5 Media Trends to Leave Behind in 2014

Helloooo 2014! It’s a new year and a fresh start. Good riddance to 2013,  a year of political in-fighting, economic stagnation, foolish government antics, and annoying media trends. That last item is of particular concern to us here at FishbowlDC. In fact, we’ve pulled together the top 5 media trends that rubbed us the wrong way in 2013 -with the hope that we can leave them behind in the new year.

5.) Super-budge online videos. Everyone from newspapers to pro-wrestlers and politicos has been getting in to the online video racket in an attempt to lure “the kids.” Most have failed miserably. Let’s just hope that they learn their lesson in 2014 -no one is gunna watch your video just because it’s there. Put some effort into it!

4.) The spoken hashtag. -There’s nothing quite so annoying as sidling up to a crowded bar and hearing some fool behind you snark “hashtag where’s the bartender?”, or jogging down the Mall past a group of selfie-snapping friends at the Washington Monument yelling “hashtag BFFs!”, or worst of all, taking a day trip to Rehoboth only to find a bunch of drunks screaming “hashtag spring break forever!” Leave it on Twitter, people.

3.) Politics in our entertainment and vice-versa. Whether we were talking Duck Dynasty, Pajama Boy, or Ashley Judd -2013 was the year that politics and entertainment got too close for comfort. Sure, Hollywood has always been meddling in Washington affairs, and politics long ago became a spectator sport. But with the rise of the reality TV start, the advent of personality-driven news programming, and a non-stop news cycle that’s more than willing to regurgitate the same story over and over again, it has become almost impossible to get away from celebrity-focused political news. It’s enough to make you yearn for the silent-film era.

Check out our top two least favorite trends after the jump…

2.) MSNBC apologies. Seriously guys -Chris Matthews, Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin, and now Melissa Harris-Perry -y’all need to chill out! At this rate Rachel Maddow is going to have to apologize for burning Mitch McConnell in effigy live on-air while urinating on the grave of Margaret Thatcher. And while that would undoubtedly make for great TV -it’s a bit unbecoming for a supposed news outlet. Let’s clean it up a bit for 2014, shall we?

1.) This Town. And the number one trend we’re glad to put behind us -“This Town” references. Jeeeeesus lord, ever since Mark Leibovitch published his tell-all this past summer, “this town” has been all anyone in this town can talk about. It all culminated with Sam Youngman’s self-indulgent hit piece on Washington last month in Politico. Hopefully now the DC-bashing is out of everyone’s system -and we can all go back to being angry at bankers.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com.